Araya Wongwan

Alex Enscoe

Art Direction

Visual Design

Interaction Design

Photography portfolio utilitising ‘order in chaos’ concept to harmonise and showcase eclectic set of minimal images

Team: Ankit Karnany (Developer)
Roles: Art Direction, Visual Design, Interaction Design
Date published: January 2021

The website represents the artist’s photographs: minimal, clean, and diverse. Various autoscrolling images in close proximities, gives a solid overview of the Alex’s body of work on first impression – the aim of this portfolio. Generous use of white space balances each photo groupings while also allows the user to focus on the detail, color, and composition of each individual image.

The challenge was to create a unity between diverse photographs and put them side by side in the same view, in order to provide harmonious overview of Alex Ensoe’s works. Each photo has different lighting, focusing on different kinds of objects, and had their own context. Furthermore, each photograph has a unique ratio so they could not be displayed neatly in a grid.




Worked in collaboration with Alex, the artist, to group and sort similar types of pictures in order to create the most impactful subsets. Alex did not want to tag the images, give names to them, or put them into a collection – he simply wanted an overview of all his photographs. The images are mostly grouped by colors, shapes, and patterns that are similar or complementary to each other. They are all curated to grab the users' attention and guide the eye to go through the series of photographs.


Order in Chaos


After grouping the similar photographs together, I explored different ways to structure and organise those images in order to showoff the various types of images while also giving each photo the attention they deserve. The solution was to let the audience discover Alex’s work by scrolling through groups of photographs that appear randomly generated. Since the images do not have same ratio, they would look awkward being displayed in a well-structured manner. Thus, perceived randomness is the best solution. The images overlay on top of each other and sometimes side by side, they have uneven distribution within and between the groups, and finally each groups do not start at different columns. Despite the “chaos”, each image adheres to the grid.

The 48-column grid with 20px rows provides structure to the curation yet allows flexibility to simulate randomness. The spacings are small enough to place the images within the layout yet big enough to provide necessary white-space between images. As each image have different ratios, the images will align to the starting of the grid, from left to right, and each will have their individual end point (that may or may not align perfectly with the grid).

The “chaos” intrigues the audience by bringing out wide-ranging photographic subjects. It also creates unpredictability and thus adds dynamictism to the series of minimal photography. Yet, the pre-curated groups of images aligning to the grid provides structure and visual guidance to the user, resulting in harmonious looking photographic series.




Sans-serif typeface selected gives an approachable yet refined feeling that represents both the artist and the work. It is simplistic and understated.




When the user hovers on an image, they scale up and the background is blurred. This interaction allows the user to focus on the details and the composition of an image at a time without having to make an extra click.

05 Scroll


The photos are exhibited through an infinite scroll where the user is encouraged to stay on the page and watch the photographs automatically scroll up the page. The user can also interact with the scroll and view previous or next series of photos by manually scrolling up or down. The photos are exhibited in a long curated list that loops but the page starts at a random Y starting point each time the webpage is refreshed. The randomisation of starting point creates a unique experience for the user each time they land on the page and allows the user to see more of the collection in case they do not stay on the page until the end of the series.

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