Araya Wongwan


Creative Coding

Interaction Design

Visual Design

Experimental website using sound and motion to re-imagine gender expression beyond binary conceptions

Team: Louisiane Trotobas (Art Direction, Animation, Sound)
Roles: Creative Coding, Visual Design, Interaction Design
Date published: June 2019

The website defies the conception of binary gender using abstract visual designs. The site features several experimental canvas for the user to explore their identity freely, ridding themselves of pre-concieved notions of gender. Through abstraction, the multi-sensory experience strives to de-construct the normative idea of gender representations and expectations.

Desktop-only site alllows the user to have an immersive full screen engagement using various mousemove interactions. The website is an extension of the physical installation done by Louisiane Trotobas for her final exhibition at London College of Communications (LCC).




The goal for this space is to create a fluid experimental context for the audience to read and explore ideas behind the installation. Accompanying the enigmatic sound in the background, the dripping ripples on the obscure grey canvas introduces the audience to the deconstructed concept of gender.

As the audience moves their cursor, they will discover that the dripping effect is interactive and is sensitive to speed and motion. Texts appear as the audience scroll vertically and horizontally. The text color is intentionally hard to read for the audience to moves the cursor to play with the fluid ripples and discover the text. This technique forces the user to physically engage and internalise the abstract concept.


Space One


This space allows the audience to “roam” freely, to scroll both horizontally and vertically to explore new ideas. The experience prompts the audience to leave boundaries and contraints of the current social and physical world, and fully engage in beyond the imaginary – to discover a new paradigm in seeing and being.


Space Two


The fast-paced moving texture in the background creates a game-like environment for the audience. Having no indication of where the each sound is coming from, the activity encourages the user to dive into the pool of experimentation. The shape-shifting space aims to remove the audiences’ sense of control and expections. The user is to fully immerse themselves into the space to “lose” themselves in order to find themselves again, uninhibited.




The information page allows the user to find out more about the installation: the ideas and meaning behind the exhibition. The page integrates the video from the physical installation and credits to those involved in the making of it.

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