Multidisciplinary designer with background in coding and politics. Interested in culture, furniture, and fashion. Currently producing ambient music for fun.

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(Selected mix)

Slum Disco guest mix

An hour of textured soundscapes and atmospheric compositions through recent releases and nostalgic ambient gems.

(Experimental websites)

Non-visual gallery (2023)

On-going writing project interpreting selected photos in my iphone gallery.

Role: Concept, Visual design, Writing, Front-end Development

‘Against the Clock’ (2021)

Description of image

Contemplative work that challenges the presentation of a conveniently-read clock, forcing the viewer to re-think the way we read time and its implications.

Our current state of neoliberal society is driven by structured time intervals where there is an expectation to exhaust all labours and resources to produce as much and as fast as possible. Learned from an early age, timekeeping became an internalised process to keep ourselves in-check for efficiency. This learned-instinctiveness has turned us into docile bodies. In order to regain power that has been stripped from us, we need to confront the pervasive mechanism that conveniently enabled us to internalise the apparatus of control that fuel our need to produce.

Role: Concept, Creative direction, Creative coding

‘In Relation’ (2020)

Interactive experiment exploring how the individual places themselves in relation to others through the generated pattern of touch.

Role: Concept, Interaction design, Creative coding

‘Herma’ (2019)

Immersive & contemplative website exploring gender fluidity beyond binary conceptions using sound and motion engagement.

Role: Interaction design, Creative coding

(Selected works)


Community website where music professionals can learn more about Web3 technologies like NFTs, DAOs, and ERC20 tokens, exchange best practices with experts and aficionados, and start their own Web3 experiments.

Role: Visual, motion, & interaction design

Alex Enscoe

Minimal portfolio showcasing eclectic photographs of varying subjects and image-ratios.

Role: Visual & interaction design